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Add Page Numbers

Easily add page numbers to your PDF file. Choose position to insert.

How to put page numbers on PDF file

PdfGarage makes it simple to add page numbers to PDF file. Pick the file that you want to add page numbers to. Select the place (top or bottom) and position (left, right or middle), where you want the page numbers to be added to. Click on Add page Numbers button and download the file.

Add page numbers where you want

PdfGarage is centered around users. Select whether you want to stamp page number on top of a page or bottom of a page. Pick the position where you want it added - left, right or center, we won't judge you. Once you make your selection, click the button and the PDF file with page numbers added is ready for downloading.

Stamp PDF with page numbers for free

Adding page numbers to PDF file is a very simple task and you should not need to pay for this functionality or wait for hours to do this over large number of PDF files. We offer this service completely free of cost and we don't impose limits on the number of files you can process.


Add page numbers from any device

PdfGarage is a browser based service. Hence you can add page numbers to PDF file on any platform of your choice - Mac, Windows or Linux - you name it, we support it!

Add page numbers securely

The PDF file that you upload for adding page numbers is transmitted over secure SSL connection. We place utmost importance on user privacy. No one can see your files and we don't store your files anywehere on our servers as all processing happens in memory.

Stamp PDF from anywhere

Our tool for stamping PDF files with page numbers is cloud based. You can access it from anywhere with a browser and internet connection. You don't need to install any software or apps for this simple task.