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Unlock PDF

Remove password from secured PDF file to unlock the PDF for your use.

How to remove password from PDF file

Pick the file using Choose File button, if the encryption is not strong, you don't need to provide a password and the file is unlocked for you to download.

Unlock PDF with password

If the file has just owner password, it can be unlocked without a password. If the file has strong encryption, you can provide the password and the downloaded file can be opened by everyone without a password.

Simple online PDF password removal

No premium subscription, no limits on number of files per hour. Just pick your file to upload, and the password can be removed from your PDF instantly online. Click on download and save the unlocked file.


Secure information handling

Uploaded files are transmitted through a secure https connection. Files are never stored on our disk not even for a second and if you provide a password, it is never stored anywhere as all processing is done in memory.

Available on all your platforms

PdfGarage is completely browser based interface and you can unlock your password using Mac, Windows, Linux or iOS.

Remove password from PDF in the cloud!

PDF is unlocked in the cloud without needing any installation of software or app on your device. Isn't that as simple as it gets?