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Split PDF

Separate single page or select page ranges to convert to individual PDF files.

How to Split PDF file

Click on Choose File button and select the PDF file that you want to split. Select the mode to split the PDF file either into single pages or sets of pages. Click on "Split PDF" button and download the zip file that contains the split PDF files. As simple as that!

Split PDF file page sets

PDF splitter gives you two options to split the files. You can either select to split the file into single pages (burst mode) or select custom pages to extract. You can give page ranges using comma like 1-2,5,6-8 etc. to select the pages that you need to split as sets.

Free Online software

You do not need to spend money on premium software or be limited by number of files you can split in one hour for freemium models. We provide the functionality completely free of cost.


Support for All platforms

With browser based interface, works any platform whether you use Mac, Windows or Linux.

Guaranteed Security

Your files are uploaded and downloaded over https which ensures noone can sniff your files over public networks. Also, our processing is done in memory as bytes which means no files are ever stored on our servers not for an hour or for even a minute unlike other sites and your privacy is 100% guaranteed.

Cloud based PDF split

The heavylifting for splitting the PDF file takes place in the cloud. So it will not consume any resources from your own machine.